Rebuilding Developer and Builder Brands

We help developers and builders create a lasting brand with dynamic, ongoing positioning through online and offline media to communicate a powerful message.


Innovative Marketing Strategies

Understanding target buyer motivations and todays' complex pattern of navigating the internet, social media and traditional media sources are critical to developing seamless marketing strategies that produce optimum visibility for your real estate assets while compelling prospects to act.


Your Partner Through All Stages

Our Marketing Success Portal™ provides unrivalled real-time business intelligence throughout the sales cycle. Industry leading CRM technology tracks qualified potential buyers in ways no one else can match.


Methodology Over Market Conditions

Our Marketing Success Portal™ utilizes powerful technology to move prospects through the buying process. This enables us to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in your marketing mix and create actionable steps for your sales and marketing staff that result in increased sales.


Dedicated Online Sales Concierge

Our team of experienced sales agents provides powerhouse results in nurturing and incubating leads through the sales funnel generating today's and tomorrow's sales. Our Science of Success model synergistically blends our team of virtual agents with the on-site sales team to create efficiency with maximum results.

The Next Generation of Real Estate Sales and Marketing Solutions

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over
and over and expecting different results." -Albert Einstein

Paradigm Real Estate Solutions was founded on the basis that the economic climate, consumers use of the internet and their perception of advertisement have instigated a "Paradigm Shift" in the manner they identify, do research and purchase real estate. Therefore, fundamental changes need to take place in how we make our assets visible to the buying public, manage and incubate relationships with our prospects and ultimately convert their interest to sales.

Paradigm Real Estate Solutions is a full service national Real Estate Sales and Marketing firm leveraging its proprietary technology platform "Marketing Success PortalTM" to deliver the next generation of real estate solutions for builders, developers and financial institutions.

Paradigm Real Estate Solutions' provides market research, proprietary web based technology and internet centric sales and marketing methods. This process and platform allows our marketing and sales efforts to attract, engage and ultimately convert buyers delivering unrivaled disposition results for project and/or community real estate assets.